Sisley Paris…Oui Oui

Ah sweet Paris! There are so many things I love about that place, the romance, the beauty, the culture, and now the makeup and skincare. I was recently introduced to Sisley Paris, a newly opened boutique at The Shops at Crystals. I was familiar with the brand but never had the chance to experience it up close and personal until now. The ambiance of the store is delightful, delicate and chic. But what makes this brand unique is that it is a family-owned and operated and driven by strong values. The d’Ornano family invests years in research to uncover the best technological advances to use plants and essential oils in their beauty products. Essentially, their complete line of makeup has skincare benefits and what woman doesn’t want that?

Special thanks to the PR rep at Sisley who gave me a tour of the boutique and product samples to review! I can’t wait to indulge. To learn more about Sisley Paris, follow them on Facebook and Twitter and make sure to stop by the boutique next time you’re in Vegas.

Courtesy of Maria Pino
Courtesy of Maria Pino
Sisley Parfums
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Sisley Paris Spa

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Face Off: Take the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser 7-Day Challenge

Living in the dry and hot desert that is Las Vegas for the past five years I’ve had to revamp my daily cleansing routine to stand up against the triple digit heat. I need deep cleansing that doesn’t strip my skin of its natural moisture. So when I was recently offered to try the new Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser for a week, I quickly accepted the challenge.


The Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser is formulated with a patented technology which removes 99 percent of excess oil, dirt and even makeup, while preserving the skin’s delicate moisture barrier. It doesn’t leave behind a film or residue leaving my skin clean and smooth, not taught and dry. It also helped with my acne – it was gone in one week! I love that I don’t have to overdose on heavy moisturizer after using it and I’ve noticed that my makeup lasts longer throughout the day.

Are you up for this beauty challenge? You have nothing to lose but excess dirt and oil. Pledge to take the challenge and receive a $2 off coupon. If you take your own assessment, you’ll receive a $3  off coupon when you purchase Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser and Ultra Sheer Sunscreen. The Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser retails for $8.99.

I received a sample of Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Cleanser for review by the PR rep.

Ooh La La, it’s Le Métier de Beauté New CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai

More and more, Vegas is getting sneak peeks into exclusive beauty and fashion launches before the rest of the world does. And where there’s an opportunity for an exclusive preview of a new beauty product, I’m down to be one of the first to try it out and report back. Thanks to my fashion blogger buddy, Laura otherwise known as LollieShopping who invited me to Neiman Marcus at the Fashion Show Mall to get a first glimpse of some French beauty.

Le Métier de Beauté, which means “the craft of beauty,” is introducing CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set which promises a quick 15 minute at-home spa experience. With a proprietary blend of Salicylic and Glycolic acids, the CHEM60 Pro-Peel gently penetrates the skin’s surface and removes dead skin cells to reveal younger-looking skin. 

Once the Product Specialist applied the CHEM60 Pro-Peel to my clean face, I could start feeling it tingling and working fast to help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  And just after what seemed like two minutes, she began to peel off the peel. I immediately felt like my skin was smoother. She then applied the GLOW10ai Mask which felt like a huge glass of H20 on my skin. The mask contains a concentration of antioxidants, vitamins and hydrators and helps skin renew and rebuild. Best of all, I could continue my day and go shopping because there were no signs of irritation and redness. 
They say French is the language of love but I also think it can be the language of beauty.  Keep an eye out for these two new additions to the line rolling out this month.