Introducing, the First-Ever Online Shop for Women Facing Breast Cancer

On Thursday, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a special luncheon took place in Bryant Park Hotel in NYC to launch, the first online site created to help so many women going through the disease still feel like a “Diva.” It’s a high-end shopping site and community platform that provides women at every stage of breast cancer with all of their lifestyle needs.

E! News’ Giuliana Rancic and CureDiva founder and breast cancer survivor Efrat Roman were on hand to discuss their own experiences and struggles with the disease and the importance of maintaining your femininity throughout treatment.

guiliana and group
* Bottom Left, (L-R): CureDiva co-founders Dan Vigdor, Ester Gofer, Giuliana Rancic, and CureDiva co-founder Efrat Roman


“When I heard about CureDiva, I was surprised it hadn’t been created sooner and wondered why I didn’t have this when I was going through breast cancer. Going through treatments, it’s so hard to know what products you need and where to go. The great thing about CureDiva is that it specifies to your needs and helps you based on what you’re going through at each phase. Now because of CureDiva, women have a more accessible support system, and can still feel like a diva through their treatments. I wish CureDiva was around when I was going through it all” said Guiliana Rancic.

Ladies, please spread the word of  this wonderful resource! You can also follow CureDiva on Twitter and Facebook.