French Tip Dip Review: A Real Mani “Cure”

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a nail buff, no pun intended. I’ve sported all sorts of manicure trends, from the long claws to acrylic fill ins.  And much like how fashion trends go in and out of style, so do manicure trends.  Sometimes, I look back at old pictures and question myself why or question my mother and wonder why she let me out of the house with those nails!

In recent years, I’ve favored the short, square-edged all natural nails polished in black, blue or a metallic shade. I’m currently loving the appliqués. But in the late 90’s and early 2000’s I was a French manicure fanatic, with and without the help of acrylic.  I haven’t donned the clean Parisian look since then until I received French Tip Dip from a local rep who sent me a kit to try.

I let my nails grow a bit before I tried this out this weekend. Upon first impression, I was a bit overwhelmed by the kit and all its components, it all looked a little complicated.  But to my surprise, it was easier than it looked. The tool works amazingly well.  I’m not ambidextrous so I must admit, my left hand was much easier to do than my right.  But nevertheless, my French mani looks great and flawless! In fact, the girls at the office asked me where I had them done!

The instructions that come with the packaging are long and wordy in my opinion, so here are quick steps to a salon quality French manicure at home using French Tip Dip:

  1. Start with clean, freshly buffed nails
  2. Pour the white nail polish into one of the glass pots
  3. Take the dipping tool and choose one of the tips that best fits your nail beds
  4. Make sure to dip the tool with the back side facing you so you can measure the dipping, don’t dip too deep as that is width of the white tip on your nail
  5. Gently press the tool onto your tips, do all of the tips at once
  6. Apply nude color
  7. Apply fast drying top coat

I just wish I had this little handy dandy tool back in the day, it could’ve saved me hundreds of dollars. I guess it’s never too late. If you’re a French manicure devotee, you must try this! Check them out on FacebookTwitter and YouTube for more information.