Q & A with Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks

I was so excited to have the opportunity to interview one of my favorite Real Housewives, Phaedra Parks. I wanted to ask her so many questions. I realized we have many (little) things in common – the younger man, the donkey booty, ha! All I wanted to do was ask Phaedra Parks for tips on balancing business to mommyhood to staying beautiful throughout it all. She is a class act! Read on.

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My Beauty Confessions: Congratulations on your new baby boy! Can you share any delivery room beauty secrets?

Phaedra: In the delivery room, I went for the natural look. I didn’t want to look overdone, so I just went with some mascara, blush and lip color for pictures.

MBC: Has your beauty routine changed now that you’re a mom? Any tips for new mommies?

Phaedra: Being a mom is a lot of work, being beautiful is more work. Ladies, take time to enhance your look. My go-to items are eyeliner, lip gloss and bronzer. Never change your beauty routine! Moms, you don’t have to lose your glamour.  Organize your day, do what you have to do so you don’t have to change your beauty regimen. If you feel better, the more you effective you are as a mom, a wife, etc. I indulge in a massage once a week.

MBC: Do you do your own makeup on Real Housewives of Atlanta or do you have a glam squad?

Phaedra: It’s a mixture of both. The majority of the time I do it myself.  I know my face and I know how I want to look.

MBC: We know you love Skin-Medica products. What are some of your other beauty favorites?

Phaedra: Skincare is so important. I love Glytone. It’s a glycolic-acid based skincare regimen that gives my skin a radiant glow.GLYTONE ANTIOXIDANT-Anti-Aging Night Cream

MBC: Does Apollo use any of your beauty products or does he have his own stash?

Phaedra: He’s not into that. He loves all the fashion and cologne products but that’s about it.

MBC: What can a Georgia Peach teach us women here in Las Vegas about beauty and fashion?

Phaedra: It’s Vegas! Keep doing what you do. If it makes you unique, don’t change it!

MBC: What are your favorite hotspots and things to do when you come to Las Vegas?

Phaedra: I love the extravagant hotels like the Wynn! I love the service, the spa treatments, the shows and the phenomenal shopping. Two of my favorite jewelers are there – Fred Leighton and Roberto Coin.

MBC: Congrats on your new spinoff, “Rich People’s Problems.” Is there anything you can share?

Phaedra: Thank you! It’s a hybrid between mediation and arbitration with a twist. It’s informative and entertaining. Stay tuned.

MBC: Motherhood, DVDs, book, TV show – how do you handle it all with such style and grace?

Phaedra: Well I share some secrets and tips in my upcoming book Secrets of a Southern Belle coming out this fall. It’s a Simon & Schuster project and I’m working on my final chapter now. My main philosophy for success is this – PREPARATION = OPPORTUNITY. With the right attitude, education and skill set, you should always be in prep mode and be ready to do the work!

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