Once You Go Bronze with Bare Escentuals, You’ll Never Go Back!

This blog is dedicated to a group of fabulous Vegas women who have supported me and my beauty blog since day #1.  You know who you are! Thanks for the “jumpstart,” no pun intended.  
It’s been a scorching summer across the country, 106 degrees in Las Vegas today.  I had previously written a blog about SPF but you should also know that I’m a huge believer in the art of faux tanning.  Especially since it’s been almost unbearable to lay out here in desert!  So in times when the heat gets too hot, I go for the faux tan.
Faux Tan by Bare Escentuals by far gives one of the most natural looking, non-orange, non-smelling, golden tans out there.  I purchased mine on QVC.  It came with its own kabuki style brush (not pictured) which ensures even and fast application.  As with any other self-tanning product, prepping your skin is essential.
Here’s a great tip! You can use this all over, including your face because it doesn’t clog pores and its sensitive skin friendly.  Blend one pump or less with your daily facial moisturizer.  This product does such a great job at looking like a real tan, I encourage you to try it and test it by photographing yourself after you apply, it’ll look like you just got back from a Caribbean vacation! I also love that it dries quickly, no chance of it rubbing off on your wardrobe.
Here’s to looking bronzed all year long!

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