The Perfect Red Pout

Finding the perfect red lipstick can be as challenging as finding the perfect guy! Does the perfect one really exist?  Perhaps not, but you can find one that you can make work for you. 

We all may know the basics of how to wear red lipstick/gloss – start with matching the color with your skin tone and then go light with all the other makeup on your face.  Personally, I usually like to wear red lipstick when my hair is straight and when I’m wearing white, black or grey.  I don’t like to have anything compete with the red lips, not even my accessories.  I think red lips make a statement and its best made on its own or I tend to feel a little too much like “Pretty Woman” if you catch my drift.

For those of you that have medium skin tone (with gold or olive undertones) like I do can probably relate to how difficult it is to find that right shade of red lipstick.  Here are some quick red-lip tips for all you ladies out there:

Choose the right red for your skin tone:

  • Fair skin tone – coral, more orange-y reds
  • Medium skin tone – pink, cranberry reds
  • Dark skin tone – deep burgundy reds or warm brick reds

I also line my lips with nude lip liner so the red pigment doesn’t bleed and softens the look a bit.  I always blot my lips when I’m finished with the application. My favorite red lipstick right now is Kevyn Aucoin’s Liquid Lipstick in Ondine. It regularly retails for $27 but I bought it on sale on

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