Dull, Dreary Skin? Mario Badescu to the Rescue!

Hautelook recently had Mario Badescu on sale and because I’m such a fan of the Summer Shine Moisturizer or what I like to call “Beyonce in a Bottle,” I decided to buy a cleanser and facial moisturizer.  I also bought product because my skin was in need of some serious rescuing.  I was breaking out and taking antibiotics for bronchitis, I was a mess and my face was paying for it.  After getting a microdermabrasion treatment, the dermatologist recommended exfoliation and hyaluronic acid.  The Mario Badescu sale came a perfect time!  I bought the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser and Hyaluronic Moisturizer.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser and Hyaluronic Moisturizer

While I’m a loyal user of Philosophy Purity and it’s the only cleanser I’ll use with my Clarisonic, I’m also a true believer is supplementing a regimen that needs a boost once in a while.  I needed the boost and needed it badly.  The glycolic foaming cleanser definitely removed buildup, exfoliated and instantly removed the makeup off my face and left it feeling so clean and refreshed.  I’m going to use it twice a week in between my regular regimen.

I followed it up with the hyaluronic moisturizer, which is non-greasy and has Vitamin A peanut oil as well as SPF 15, which is essential out here in the desert.  It left my skin supple and feeling super soft!  As we get closer to summer, I think I’ll try a more intense moisturizer, but this combo is perfect for spring!

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