From the Vegas Strip to Polish Strips: I’m officially gaga for Glitz Blitz, Sally Hansen’s New Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips


I heard that these new nail polish strips should only be used for special occasions because they are gaudy and loud, not easy to put on and only last about 10 days or less.  But now after having tried them myself, I beg to differ. 

I bought two packages of Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips last weekend at my local CVS (they were on sale!) I had originally had my eye out for the leopard print strips, can’t take the Jersey out of the girl I guess.  But they were sold out so I opted for the next best thing, gold metallic glitter (#260 Glitz Blitz) and black & white zebra print (#310 Wild Child).

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

My friend is getting married tomorrow, so that’s special-occasion-enough for me!  I started with clean, dry and groomed nails and set my stopwatch on my iPhone.  I read the 5-step instructions which were easy:

  1. SELECT best fitting strip for each nail
  2. PEEL clear cover and plastic backing (2 peel-offs per strip)
  3. BREAK tab from strip
  4. APPLY by holding at center of nail bed
  5. SHAPE by filing away excess

I finished the entire manicure in 30 minutes!  And ladies, here are my personal tips to make these stunning strips last longer on your nails! 

There are 16 strips per package.  Since my nail beds are relatively standard in size or perhaps on smaller end, I was able to use ONE strip for TWO nails! Instead of filing off the excess, I used cuticle scissors to cut off excess and got as close to tip as possible.  Then I used the “excess” for my same nail on my other hand.  Now, here’s a little tip to make them last. Aside from using the cuticle stick to make sure all the edges of the strip bond to your nail – I pressed the strip down by applying additional pressure with my finger. Voilà!

#260 Glitz Blitz

Stay tuned for the “Wild Child” manicure…guess this is Vegas and I don’t need a special occasion to rock those!  If you’ve tried on any of the other designs, please share!

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